exotic fruits
Almonds Green
Apple Fuji Imported Premium
Artichoke Baby Imported
Avocado Hass Imported
Avocado Premium
Bael Fruit
Canary Melon
Blueberries Imported pre packed
Cherries Imported
Coconut Dried Thai Imported
Custard Apple
Dragon Fruit Imported Red
Durian Thailand Imported
Figs (anjeer)
Grapefruit (pinkish-red)
Grapefruit (yellow-white)
Grapes Red Globe Imported
Green Apple Indian Premium
Gunda (Gumberry, Labeda, Lasora)
Indian Bair Green Big,Jujube berry
Indian Bair Ripe,Jujube berry
Indian Peru (Guava) Long
Jackfruit Ripe Pre-Packed
Jamun purple
Kiwi Italian
Japan melon Imported
Litchi Imported
Kiwi Tray
Mangosteen Imported
Melon sharda sweet Large
Mini Orange Seedless Thai Imported
Nectarine (Imported)
Mini Oranges -Thai
Orange valencia
Passion fruit Imported
Peach (Imported)
Persimmon Fruit
Pears US Green Imported
Rambutan Imported
Pears packham (Imported)
Persimmon Imported)
Tamarind sweet Imported
Tender Coconut Thailand Imported
Thai Jackfruit
Yellow fresh dates (kharak)
Yellow Pears Imported
Terms & Conditions

Areas we deliver in India.

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You can email us on order@eemli.com for any inquiry/doubt/issue, please do mention as much details as possible for us to be able to serve you better.

Products you can order

All the products which are listed on Eemli.com but are not frozen can be delivered.

Packaged food, goumet, etc. might include some extra charges for packaging/handling which will be informed to you once your request is received.

You can email us on order@eemli.com for any inquiry/doubt/issue

In case your product is not listed, you can still request the products with us and we will try to find it for you

Pricing & Minimum Order Amount

Pricing is variable and dependent on quantities

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Bulk Orders will attract great discounts and better pricin

Delivery charges apply to each order, which would be informed along with the quotation.

Payment process details.

All payments will have to be made in advance.

Once we confirm your order and pricing with you, we will create a link for you to pay online.

The link will be sent to your email address, from where you can pay it online

The order would be processed only once the payment is received.

Warranty & Transport

The products are of highly perishable nature/prone to damage during transit.

We use regular transport services to send your products to you.

We will do best to preserve the products for as long as possible. We select the best products and best packaging to deliver a good customer experience.

We will send pictures of your products at the time of processing your order so you know what you are getting.

No warranty/guaranty/returns/refunds are possible.

The complete risk of product spoilage/damage/delay under any circumstances is on the customer and we shall not be held responsible for any such issues.

Minimum Order Value Rs 2000.

The order amount has to be more than 2000 for us to be able to process it usually.

If you need a specific product, you might have to bear some handling charges extra from the price of the product for us to be able to process it.